Unbroken by Culture pt. 3

Four Ways to become Cross – cultural

            The goal for a church is not to have different ethnic groups, languages, or cultures.  The goal is unite the differences and glorify God.   Everyone in the church was a sinner who needs Jesus and has been saved by grace.  Here are four ways that every Christian can transform without conforming to the world:

Be Scripturally Authentic

Scripturally  authentic is when one views the Bible as the word of God and lives by it.  His life is transformed by God’s word and His grace, and his life exemplifies this transformation.  The Christian has a biblical worldview and weighs everything according to God and with godly wisdom.

Develop cross ethnic and cross cultural relationships

            In order for a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural church to carry out God’s mission of making disciples each member needs to cross over the aisle and learn what it means to live as a Christian in that particular persons world ethnic group and worldly culture.  A cross-over church learns the difficulties of living in a culture with a different view point.  It is not a point whether there is racism or not, the point is that racism is alive and real and when it is recognized then there can be prayer and not judgement.  Cross-over goes for all ethnic and cultural groups in the church and not just for the majority.  Cross-over means that one does not look at their brothers and sisters the same way that they view the people of the world.  Racism exist in the world, but do not bring it to the cross of Christ and believe that God is part of the systemic problem.

Christianity transcends culture

            A Christian is a Christian no matter their ethnic or cultural background.  Glorifying God in all circumstances transcends culture.  The many lists of the sinful nature found in the N.T. include all groups.  There is not an ethnic or cultural excuse for the sinful nature.  Sin does not recognize differences.   Sexual immorality, murder, hate, racist remarks, and violence are sins in all cultures.  Cultural, ethnic groups, or even minority oppressed groups are not excluded from sin.

Make Disciples of Christ rather than disciples of culture

When the discussion on racism, cultural differences, and ethnic diversity arise it must start with how does Jesus want us to live?  Many ethnic groups in their desire to educate their children to understand systemic problems in their culture are making disciples of culture.  Children are learning the bitterness, anger, and hurt of past generations and they are not seeing Christ. The only way to change the culture is to change the worldview to a biblical view.  The church and parents are commanded to make disciples.  Knowing and understanding the history of injustice is needed, but incorporate how Christ can change the future.