Unbroken by culture part 2

Jesus transcended racism and culture

            Jesus showed that everyone needed him and God.  On many occasion he used those of a different race, culture, and ethnic background as example of this transcendence.  The Samaritan women at the well points out that she is a women and a Samaritan and that a Jewish man should not even be talking to her; but Jesus reveal to her first that he is the Messiah.  When Jesus is questioned about who is the neighbor in the second command, Jesus uses a Samaritan man. Only one of the ten lepers that Jesus heals comes back to thank him and he is a Samaritan.  There is the beautiful story of the Syrophoenician woman in Mark 7.  One of the best examples is that of the centurion who did not allow Jesus to come to his house because he believed that Jesus could just say the words and his daughter would be healed.  Jesus states that he has not seen any greater faith in all Israel and this man was a Roman soldier hated by all.  When it comes to culture and racism the discussion starts with Jesus.  Any other discussion begins with sin.