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1st and 3rd weeks each month
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The Me I Want to Be” by John Ortberg—the bestselling author of When the Game Is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box; God Is Closer Than You Think; and The Life You’ve Always Wanted—will help you discover spiritual vitality like never before as you learn to “live in the flow of the spirit.” But if God has a perfect vision for your life, why does spiritual growth seem so difficult? John Ortberg has some intriguing answers to that question, and he has organized his thoughts and God’s words into a straightforward and timely guide for living your best life in The Me I Want to Be.  Participant guides can be order online at Amazon.
Five Sessions:

January 15th/16th     Discovering the Spirit

February 5th/6th          Renewing My Mind

February 19th/20th    Renewing my Time

March 4/5th                  Deepening My Relationships

March 18th/19th          Transforming My Experiences
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