Here we go Again:

Deciding to Change


Freedom Session 8



Have you ever had a “here we go again” moment?  Something comes up that reminds you of a pattern or situation you were trying to avoid.  Most of the time, that feeling is not associated with a positive memory.  When we have that feeling, we usually dread what’s coming or there’s frustration associated with having to deal with it again or having to remember something we’d rather forget.


It may cause you to wonder if you’re doing something wrong.  You might think, “is this ever going to change? Am I destined for this unwanted behavior, sickness, career or life? Do I have to deal with this forever?”


You may see a thread of similarity woven through past generations in your family in some of those “here we go again” moments. It could be divorce, negative thinking, negative talk, addiction, fear, jealousy, anger, pride, perversion, abuse, control, etc. The list can really include any sin that is repeating itself. You may have tried to change the pattern but it keeps turning and you can’t seem to break free from it.


Now, if there is a generational curse of anger, you can still be vulnerable to that even when you pray against the curse. Cutting off the curse doesn’t excuse you from sin. When we break the curse, we free to choose our own path. Most choose the path to freedom but unfortunately, some still choose the path to sin.


Forgiveness is a big part of breaking the curse and drawing a line a line in the sand, or marking a point in time, where we are separating ourselves from those bad things.  Forgiveness sets us free from the hold that curse or those words have had on us.  It allows us to release our family from blame. We have all sinned and fall short. The grace of God gives us what don’t deserve, forgiveness. We in turn can give undeserved forgiveness to others.





Generational Curses:


Read Ex 34:7, Lamentations 5:7.


These scriptures say that we inherit things from our ancestors.  Do you see patterns repeating in your family history?



In what way do you see your actions impacting your family? What history are you writing for them?




Read Gal 3:13


What does it mean to be under law or under grace? 


Words:  James 3:8 says but no one can tame the tongue. It is restless and evil, full of deadly poison.”


So, taming our words may not be as easy as we hope. Why?


Matthew 12:34, Eph 4:29; James 3:10-11. Proverbs 11:9; Pro 15:4;


Are your negative words coming to mind in the light of these verses?


What words of blessing are you in the habit of saying?


PR 12:25; Pro. 10:21



How can you turn some of the invitations you extended to death, into invitations, that bring life?





Read 6:37; Matthew 6:15;  What is our part and what is God’s part?



Self- Study


Generational Sins or Generational Curses:


What patterns of sin or bad habits do you see being repeated in your life of your family?



What are you afraid will be repeated, even if it hasn’t happened yet?



What needs to be broken off of you and your family?