All are welcome!           What to expect at Northtown

Northtown Church  is a nondenominational church rooted in the traditions of the church of Christ, with the goal of serving it’s community on the northwest side of Milwaukee. We study, teach and serve using the Bible, which we believe is God’s inspired Word, as our guide.  We strive to worship in spirit and truth (John 4:24). Northtown is not exclusive!  We seek to promote unity among Christians by returning to simple, Biblical Christianity, without the creeds and traditions which divide churches throughout the world. This is a place where every individual is encouraged to grow, live and serve in the way God desires. We offer a variety of Bible classes, small group Bible studies, fellowship activities and service opportunities.

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We believe that following Jesus will lead us to peace, contentment and truth in our lives. We know that Jesus will someday return and take all those who belong to Him to live with God in heaven. We live our lives to love God, love one another, and love the world. We are encouraged and motivated by God’s message of hope and are eager to share His good news with everyone.

Our Vision

The vision of Northtown Church is “To Love God, Love One Another, Love the World

Our Mission

A mission is how we accomplish our vision with the power of the Spirit. Northtown is “Connecting communities to Christ and His family through encouraging relationships, teaching, prayer, mentoring and serving; experiencing God’s grace, love and mercy, powered by the Holy Spirit and the Word.”