Bible Basics:

An Introductory course on how to use the Bible, how the Bible is organized and outlines of the Books of the Bible.
  • Five Take-a-Ways ” Motivated by Love”
  1. God Loves You
  2. Loving Upward
  3. Loving Inward
  4. Loving Outward
  5. Love Never Fails
Five Take-a–ways ” Motivated by Promises”
  1. Power Point Slides
    1. God’s promises never Fail
    2. The  Promises are Bought by Jesus, and Guaranteed by the Holy Spirit
    3. The Covenant Promise
    4. The Promise of Presence
    5. Train to live the Promises
Five Take-a-ways  “Motivated by Honor
  1.  Powerpoint Slides
    1. The Attitude of Honor is Humility 
    2. The Action of Honor is Sacrifice
    3. The Character of Honor is Righteousness 
    4. The Call to Honor is Excellence
    5. The Promise of Honor is Honor
  • Five take-a-ways from “Motivated by Identity”
  1. BibIical truth vs Social Constructionism.
  2. Identify with heaven’s/eternal treasures. 
  3. Baptism means I have identified with Jesus.
  4. The Holy Spirit confirms our identity.
  5. The promise of a new identity.
  • Five take-a-ways from “Motivated by Fear”
  1. Turn your fears into victories
  2. I don’t want to go to Hell
  3. Remember the pain of fear
  4. Do not let false fear paralyze your life
  5. Overcome your fears by remembering you are loved by an Awesome God
  • Five Take A Ways: Motivated by Thanksgiving
    1. Thanksgiving gives appreciation to our FEAR.
    2. Thanksgiving is the key to WORSHIP
    3. Thanksgiving is to be a continual PRACTICE
    4. Gratitude changes Attitude
    5. Thanksgiving focuses on past, present, and future in CHRIST
  • Five Take A Ways : Motivated by Hope
    1. Hope is more than wishful thinking and dreams
    2. Hope is the basis of faith
    3. Hope is standing on the promises
    4. Hope gives direction to life
    5. Hope is essential to abundant living