Reverse Advent Celebration
Advent is a 4 week period of anticipation of the birth of Christ. Most Advent calendars focus on the 25 days leading up to Christmas and start on December 1st. The “Reverse Advent Calendar” is 21 days of giving to represent God sending Jesus to help us, so we are giving a food item each day to help those who are in need. Each day put the item listed in the Reverse Advent box. When the box is complete, bring it to Northtown on Dec. 22nd or the next time you come. This is a great way to teach children to give at a time when they will be anticipating and receiving gifts. Also, each day you put something in the box, read a part of the Christmas story.
Boxes to fill and calendars can be picked up at the back of the auditorium – Start filling Sunday, Dec 1st!
Below are verses to read each day as you add an item to your box…Walk your family through the Christmas story.

25 Day Scriptures for Advent   The following Bible verses tell the story of Jesus’ birth. If you are the guide for this “countdown,” help summarize or act out the readings, explaining each passage. Finally have a child place a sticker on the road to Bethlehem each day to visualize the “progress” of the Christmas story.

1 God made it possible for Mary to be pregnant. Matthew 1:18

2 An angel talked to Joseph about the birth. Matthew 1:20

3 The angel said that Mary’s special son will save us from our sins. Matthew 1:21

4 God had already said that his Son would come in this way. Matthew 1:22-23

5 Joseph would care for Mary while she was pregnant. Matthew 1:24-25

6 It was time to register for the population census. Luke 2:1-2

7 God had promised that Bethlehem would be Jesus’ birthplace. Micah 5:2

8 Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem to be registered. Luke 2:3-5

9 Mary gave birth to Jesus in a stable. Luke 2:6-7

10 An angel surprised some shepherds. Luke 2:8-9

11 “Good News” was announced about a baby who would be a Savior. Luke 2:10-12

12 Lots of angels joined in praising God! Luke 2:13-14

13 The shepherds got excited about finding the baby. Luke 2:15

14 The shepherds visited the special baby. Luke 2:16-17

15 Everyone was amazed at the baby boy! Luke 2:18-20

16 The baby was named Jesus. Luke :21

17 The wise men follow a star, looking for Jesus. Matthew 2:1-2

18 King Herod got concerned when he heard about Jesus. Matthew 2:3-4

19 The Old Testament had already told about the town of Jesus’ birth. Matthew 2:5-6

20 King Herod came up with a plan to find Jesus Matthew 2:7-8

21 The wise men again found the guiding star. Matthew 2:9-10

22 The wise men met Mary and Jesus. Matthew 2:11

23 God warned the wise men to avoid King Herod. Matthew 2:12

24 Jesus came so we can become children of God! Galatians 4:4-5

25 Jesus grew up to die on the cross so we can have never-ending life with God! John 3:16-17


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