foods                                                       personal items
             peanut butter + jelly                                   toilet paper 4pk
             spaghetti noodles + sauce                     bath soap
             canned meats                                              tooth brushes
             mac + cheese                                               toothpaste
             soup                                                                   deodorant
             canned vegetables
             canned fruit
             dry cereal
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you can donate at
Mondays 6:30 pm     “Back to Basics” group
Tuesdays 5:45 pm     “Happy Hour” group
Milwaukee Police Department District 4
Community Outreach Program

The Milwaukee Police Department interacts with  faith based organizations in each district to become more directly involved with the community we both serve. The best way to address issues and concerns is at the ground level. This begins with our community schools, putting District 4 officers in contact with youth. The goal is to have Community Outreach Specialists work with the schools to mentor, build supportive relationships with members of our community. The mission of this effort is to provide moral and spiritual guidance to the youth of our community. This is taking place with the help of clergy and members from churches, temples and mosques in our area, professionals from a team of religious groups and other community leaders volunteering their time to support one another as good neighbors and to build safer, healthier communities.